Benefits of using Zippen

Simple Process

A simple jargon-free guide to a transfer process that puts you in control of your pensions and your future savings.

One Stop Shop

All your pension information in one place, with the ability to transfer pensions as you move jobs or as your needs change.

Employer Solutions

We’re integrating with a number of employers directly, so pension transfers can be an employee benefit rather than a burden.

Insights from our blog

20 April

Dash making a splash

We all recognise the problem. Throughout our working lives, we may have up to 11 different jobs, and that potentially means 11 different pension pots (source: the Pensions Dashboard Prototype Project) as well as the State Pension. Achieving a holistic view of your savings, even for the most financially astute, can be a real challenge.

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4 April

Going full circle

It’s a funny old world we live in sometimes. Since the modern State Pension was introduced under the Beveridge Report in 1948, Pensions have been on a roller coaster ride. What started as a comparatively simple concept evolved into something rather more complex, and by the mid 1980s part-time employees and contract workers had to

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18 March

Pot calling kettle black

The premise was a simple one: the Government wanted to help more people to save for later life through a pension scheme at work. Thus, Automatic enrolment (AE) was born – an outwardly simple scheme that made it compulsory for employers to automatically enroll their eligible workers into a pension scheme. The scheme was phased,

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Coming soon, the pension platform that will help you consolidate all of your pensions in one place. If you are not sure how many pensions you have or who your providers are, sign up today and we’ll notify you when Zippen is ready to launch.

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